Why use Delta Retailer App?


  • Place orders directly to distributors
  • Avoid product shortages
  • Keep track of the status of orders
  • Get products delivered faster
  • Compare prices, discounts and schemes across brands
  • Directly connect with brands
  • Discover new products and brands
  • Get transparent information


  • Hassle-free order taking from retailers
  • Increase profit margins
  • Improve order visibility
  • Keep retailers updated
  • Increase reach
  • Save lots of time


  • Get better secondary sales visibility
  • Directly connect with retailers
  • Increase your reach and enter new territory
  • Make your brand grow

Integrate with Delta Sales App - Mobile App for Field Reps

Automate field sales tracking and transform the way you work

Delta Sales App is equipped with features like field order reporting and automation, product management, GPS based field reps tracking, attendance management and many more. It is used by field reps, sales managers and management teams.

Track. Manage. Enhance.

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Field Sales Mobile App

Key features of Delta Retailer App

Connect with multiple suppliers & distributors from a single app.

Check product availability, pricing information, schemes and discounts across various brands.

Easily place orders from the app.

Real-time notification is sent to distributors when orders are placed.

Easy tracking of order approvals and deliveries.

Brands & distributors can set varied prices for different retailers.

Payment information and pending amounts to be paid to various distributors are readily available on the app.

Delta Retailer App integrates with Delta Sales App, so brands and distributors can manage all their sales activities in one place.

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Reach out and get a demonstration of the app!

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